Trip for Healing mind, body and soul

The Power of Healing through the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt ! Meditation in all it’s parts means how to discover for the first time in your life the conserved power that exist inside every human being and how to develop it.

It’s an unbelievable feeling and high degrees of sensations which enable you in your daily life getting a different vision than usual that majority of you is missing it nowadays. The degree of power is different from a person to the other.

We invite you to find out how the Transcendental Meditation program can improve all aspects of your life in a way you never dreamed possible.

By attaining inner peace, we will attain everything else. Scientifically this technicality can be realized exclusively in the presence of the three important following factors:

The Location:

The ancient Egyptians have chosen the best magical power places to build on it with a very special dimension as the great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza and different temples located in the Upper Egypt. That full magical places of power serves the human being to develop their inner peace and to get full of it.

The Dimensions:

Logically through the dimension of the great Pyramid of Cheops, a certain energy get produced inside the pyramid which affects directly the conserved invisible cyanotic energy that exists in the human being and getting the full healing power.

You can learn to move through life in perfect harmony with the universe. To accomplish this, we look to our ancestors in ancient Egypt. They exhibit habit patterns that send massages of healing and power to anyone open enough to observe lessons on how to live. Their precious gifts of true medicine are free.

When you call upon their power, you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with the strength of their essence. Gaining their understanding is a healing process mentally, physically and spiritually.

Where to mediate :

Meditation in the pyramids

The meditation in pyramids is to visualize each wall of the pyramid falling forward and opening that side of the pyramid, either opening or closing with the north. Then one exists outside in an indigo-blue starry sky.

The way is then open to follow the “river in the sky” to the 3 stars, to the old homeland in the Orion Nebula. That’s what the Egyptians did.

The only metal in the pyramid should be gold.

We believe that the easiest way to be sure to overpower any unwanted vibration in the pyramid (from construction materials or metal in your pocket) is to hang a gold necklace in the pyramid.

The vibration of gold is especially tuned to the pyramid through the heart. Any gold is OK, since we are vibratory and a single atom of gold has the same vibration. Any carat, any color, even gold-filled or gold plate will work. It develops the mind, and by developing the mind, also develops the spirit

And there are many spiritual places in Luxor and Aswan and White desert and Sinai.





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