Tips For Sightseeing and Adventure Tours in Egypt

Tips For Sightseeing and Adventure Tours in Egypt

Tips For Sightseeing and Adventure Tours in Egypt

If you want to explore the main tourist sites and attractions in Egypt or discover locations off the beaten track

then our look at Egypt tours’ team have it covered. Egypt has been an inspirational travel destination

from the Roman time and its allure continues to this day.

Home to some of the world’s most iconic monuments and ancient civilizations which date back millennia,

any trip to Egypt is certain to create lasting memories whether you want to visit the Pyramids in Giza or

Cairo’s main sights or the temples of the Nile Valley in Luxor and Aswan.

explore beautiful desert landscapes in the western desert or relax and unwind in one of the many Red sea resorts, Egypt has something for every traveler.

Sightseeing and Adventure Tours in Egypt

We have always had a great passion for travel in Egypt and our local tour operator and travel experts

Will give you the best of Egypt experience and will design your Egypt tour to suit your test and budget.

We’re confident we have the knowledge and experience to provide an unbeatable service before, during and after our

tours to Egypt. So, why not join one of our private Egypt tours or Egypt day trips as we explore the sites of ancient

Egypt in and around Cairo and the Nile Valley


Many of our tours feature time spent cruising on the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan, while others explore

Egypt’s deserts( White & black desert) and beaches( Sharm Elsheikh & Hurghada) or join multi-countries tours to

Egypt and Jordan to visit Petra and the Dead Sea with the great Pyramids and the Nile in Egypt. It is very special experience for Egypt and Jordan tours.

We also run a wide range of private and tailor-made tours in Egypt and private trip to Egypt.

Request your Egypt travel itinerary for your Egypt vacation now and get the best of Egypt rates and deals.

What is the top Egypt attractions to visit in Egypt?

Egypt the mother of civilization and cradle of the history Egypt is also known by the mother of the world.

Egypt has a history for more than 7000 years old of course this great civilization left for us a huge number

ofhistorical sites in Egypt, you will enjoy many of the ancient Egyptian wonders during your Egypt vacation.

If you are looking for cultural and historical sites in Egypt? Egypt has 1 /3 of the monuments all over the world.

The top attraction of Egypt that anyone visiting Egypt shouldn’t miss are?

The Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx : of course when you read or you think of visiting Egypt

The first thing that you think about is visiting the great Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one still exist from the ancient wonders

Guided Cairo Trip

Abusimble Temple at Aswan this you should visit during your Egypt toursit is amzing temple cut into the rock

Travel to Egypt tours

Karnak temple at Luxor : this is the biggest temple on Earth

Egypt real adventure tours

Valley of the Kings : this is the secret tombs of the kings in ancient Egypt after the Pyramids .

Take a Nile cruise on the Nile River and enjoy the best of Egypt with us ,, please browse our tours to Egypt


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The best way to explore Egypt

The best way to explore Egypt

The best way to explore Egypt

The best way to explore Egypt

Travel Your Egypt Holidays with Best Egypt trip packages.

Egypt is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations in the world. Every year this place witnesses a huge increase in the number of tourists visiting there in 2010 Egypt has been visited by 12 Million tourists

There are many things you can do in your Egypt holiday one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. However, there are many issues, which make it extremely necessary for every visitor to avail Egypt holiday packages.

Egypt vacation packages are numerous for any tourist. Egypt has a wide variety of choices for all travelers. The beaches of the Red sea and cultural heritages found in many cities across the country are some of the options people can choose from. The Bible and many other holy books praise the land of Egypt and which other way to celebrate this than make a trip to Egypt.

Cheap Egypt vacations prices that suit your budget can be found online from various travel agencies. Hotel and flights can be booked in advance online and take the step to enjoy the beauty offered by this region. The climate is always a major concern for tourist but you should not worry. Egypt Vacation offers good and comfortable accommodations for anyone.

The gigantic and stunning monuments of the Ancient Egypt are the source of attraction for tourists all across the globe. The best way to explore Egypt is to opt for Egypt tour from anywhere.  On one hand where the sight, light and heat of the deserts inspire, on the other, the turquoise, cool water infuses the sense of rejuvenation. May it be a romantic cruise along the Nile River of Egypt dazzles its visitors? The Egypt Travel Packages thus making a holiday to Egypt an exceptional one.

If you are planning for a holiday to Egypt? Egypt is one of the best destination around the globe to consider. As amongst the ultimate countries to travel, Egypt is the home of past planets, stone monuments, temples, pyramids and many other scenic historical and natural destinations. If you are bored with beach holidays, then it is the time for you to consider historic temples, pyramids and other scenic views that holiday in Egypt have to offer.

If you are organizing your Egypt travel adventure then ensure you use some of the many planning resources to help you to plan your Egypt trip with ease, such as travel guide books, tour brochures and travel guides online such as which has loads of location advice, travel tips, destination photos and plenty of suggestions on what to do and what to see. This is a one stop travel guide to help you to plan your Egypt trip easily and cost effectively.

So if you are looking for the best way to Explore Egypt ? contact Look at Egypt tours when you decide to plan your Egypt vacation .

we offer you free travel qoutes and travel ideas helping you to plan the best of Egypt tours 

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how to plan a trip to Egypt

how to plan a trip to Egypt

how to plan a trip to Egypt ?

 Egypt is considered on of the best destination in the world for your vacation .

Egypt has many vacation spots suits all the family whther you are looking for beach holidays in Egypt

Egypt has many beautifull beaches on the red Sea it has amazing coral reefs and yu can enjoy water activities in Sharm Elsheikh  like sucuba diving or snorkaling which is considered one of the best trip in Egypt or sharm Elsheikh .

if you are looking for cultural trip in Egypt , Egypt is considerd one of the best countries to make cultural trip all people know Egypt has the largest heritage and oldest civilization in the world .

visit the Pyramids and Cairo , cruise on the Nile make the best trip in Egypt by visiting the oldest mounments of the ancient wold , enjoy with Look at Egypt tours the best trip in Egypt 

Egypt Cultural Trips & Ancient Egypt Tours to explore the best of Egypt sights and attraction.

if you are looking for desert adventures or Safari in Egypt ,, Egypt has the western desert which is about 3/4 of the distance of Egypt .

exploe the western desert in Egypt and the white desert enjoy camping in the white desert

and Siwa Oasis enjoy the sand dunes and sandboarding in Egypt.

Egypt desert has many treasures like the Valley of the golden mummies and some temples.

and tombs has lovely colors so your trip to the Egyptian desert will have culture and fun .

whate we recommend for Egypt trip is to have something from everything .

which is you can have 2 days in Cairo visit the pyramids and cairo museums and sights

then you will fly to Luxor to cruise oon the Nile for about 4 nights during this Egypt trip you will visit the velly of the kings and karank and Luxor temples.

then you will cruise towards Aswan and your Nile cruise will dock on the banks of the Nile to visit the temples of the Nile then in Aswan you will enjoy many sights .

Look at Egypt tours is Egyptian tour company we can make the best trip in Egypt for you

we offer a wide range of Egypt tours and Egypt packages 


100 % Tailor-made tours to Egypt, Best Price Guaranteed , Request Your Free Quote Now

Book your Egypt trip with us & enjoy the best offers in Christmas & New Year & Easter.

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Luxury Egypt holiday packages

Luxury Egypt holiday packages

Luxury tours in Egypt , Luxury holidays to Egypt , All- inclusive Egypt package

Luxury holidays to Egypt : Explore the best of what Ancient and Modern Egypt has to offer with a shimmering

journey through Egypt’s highlights. From the Pyramids of Giza, to the impressive Mediterranean city of

Alexandria, to the temples and statues dedicated to Ramses II in Abu Simbel, this luxury Egyptian tour will leave you transcended and wanting more.

Sail along the Nile on Ultra luxury Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan to explore more wonders of Egyptian

antiquity the sights and scenery of this unforgettable journey will leave you undoubtedly enchanted and fascinated.

Begin a comprehensive journey through this ancient land of Egypt with three nights in the capital city of Cairo. Visit the great sites of the Pyramids of Giza , the Sphinx, Saqqara and Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt.

Then you will fly to Luxor board your Nile cruise for four nights in Luxury style on the Nile

The cruise will include visits to The valley of the kings and the ancient temples in Luxor sail to

Edfu and kombo city and ends at Aswan city after that enjoy private visit to the great temple of Abusimble

then Back to Cairo by flight stay for one or two nights on Cairo then back home

After Luxury tour you will never forget.

Please if you plan to visit Egypt let us design you the best Luxury holidays to Egypt 

Enjoy best Luxury holiday deals in Egypt and book our  Luxury holidays to Egypt

PS: this tour runs all the year and we can customize anything to suites your time and budget

Egypt indulgence high lights:

 Immersion of the ancient Egyptian culture.

Stay on Ultra deluxe nile cruise for four nights full board

Stay in 5 stars deluxe hotels in Cairo

Explore the best attractions of Egypt

Explore Luxor and Aswan city in private van with private guide.

Have vip treatment during all your stay in Egypt

This tour is Luxury private tour in Egypt you will not join any big groups.

Enjoy visiting many cities the majore cities in Egypt

private visit to Alexanderia city and Abusimble temple.


key words  : Luxury tours in Egypt|Luxury holidays to Egypt |Luxury travel packages in Egypt


Day 1: arrive Egypt

Upon arrival our assistance will meet and assist you to finish all formalities then you will be transferred to your hotel, overnight at 5 stars hotel Pyramid view.

Day 2: Giza pyramids, Sakkara necropolise, memphis

Breakfast at the hotel is followed by a full day tour, In the morning you will be escorted by your Guide to Sakkara to see the very first pyramid ever built the Step Pyramid of Djoser. . You will then be able to marvel at the Pyramid Texts inside the Pyramid of Teti  then visit the Imhoteb museum at Sakkara  before heading off to the ancient capital of Egypt: Memphis. The Colossus of Ramses II dominates the museum here do not forget your camera!

After lunch, at a local restaurant, you will be driven to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx: the most famous monuments of not only ancient Egypt, but of the entire ancient world! These massive stone structures were built around 4,500 years ago on a rocky desert plateau close to the Nile.

After this amazing trip through Egypt’s pharaonic past you will be driven back to your hotel for rest then . Overnight at the hotel Pyramid view

Day 3: Egyptian museum& old cairo

After breakfast and you can start about afternoon our guide will take you to the Egyptian museum you will enjoy the treasure of king Tutankhamon and many artifacts after that you will have lunch at local restaurant Then will visit the oldest churches in the world this place was blessed by the holy family when they visited Egypt as it is mentioned in the holy Bible .

Go around Cairo to explore Cairo in  different style after that back to your hotel overnight at Cairo

Day 4: Alexanderia trip

After breakfast at your guide will escort you toAlexanderia the second capital of Egypt it is about 3 hours driving

in your deluxe van , visit the National museum of Alexanderia and the Catacomb tomb the best underground tomb

in the roman time, after that have lunch at sea food resturant looks over the sea .

After that visit the pompay pillars then enjoy walking in the city center .

after that back to your hotel in Cairo



Day 5: Luxor – Nile cruise

After breakfast you will check out and then fly to Luxor to board on your Ultra -deluxe Nile cruise.

for your next 4 nights , full board ,start visiting the East bank of luxor by visiting the The karnak luxor and karnak temple of god Amun the major God of ancient capital of Egypt .

the karnak temple is considered the largest temple on Earth, this temple lasted 2000 years to be built.

has the largest Obelisks in the world and the biggest hypostyle hall in the world.

after this tour  back to you cruise for Lunch ,, relax on your cruise to he end of the day.

at night we will take you to enjoy amazing sound and light show at Karank temple.

Day 6: West Bank -Luxor

A new day and your first breakfast on board; it is time to visit the temple of Queen Hatshpsute

at the west bank of Luxor then visit the tombs of the nobles that distinguished by its beautiful colors

after that take enough time at the valley of the kings , enjoy the best tombs of the ancient kings of Egypt,

After that stop by the statues of Memnon  before heading to the lunch on the cruise .

Day 7: Nile Cruise: Kombo& Edfu temples

the cruise will sail towards Edfu after passing the lock of Esna , visit the best preserved temple of God Houras

then back to your cruise then continue sailing towards komobo temple the crocodile temple.

enjoy the best inscriptions and ancient texts on the walls of the temples.

Visit also the Crocodile Museum at Komobo temple.

Day 8: Aswan- Abusimble

in Early morning we will arrange a breakfast box then move to the great temple of Abusimble

the great and small temple of king Ramses the second that located on the bank of Lake Nasser.

the larget man- made lake in the world , these two temple are corved inside the mountain about

30 M high and 24 M,wide, it is really amazing trip to abusimble.

after that back to your cruise for Lunch then continue visiting the isis temple at Aswan and the unfinished obelisk

then back to your cruise to enjoy the belly dance show on board

Day 09: Aswan- Cairo

after breakfast check out from your cruise flying back to Cairo

Overnight at the Hotel in cairo Nile view 

Day 10: final departure

After breakfast, check out from the Hotel and transfer by Air Conditioned vehicle from hotel to Cairo International airport for your flight home,,,, with promise to see you again with look at Egypt tours .

Luxury holidays to Egypt , Luxury tours in Egypt

EgyptChristian Tour & Nile Cruise

EgyptChristian Tour & Nile Cruise



EgyptChristian Tour & Nile Cruise

if you are looking for spritual tour in Egypt ends by Nile cruise

we offer you christian tour in Egypt with Nile cruise you will enjoy the christian Egypt

and enjoy the Great pyramids and the Nile cities and temples

this tour from 22 years old till 55 years old toursit

it is one of the best Egypt tours  but it is very busy.


The program includes the following services

  • 4 nights in Cairo based on B/B, (Bed & Breakfast).
  • 3 nights in Nile cruise based on F/B, (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).
  • Domestic flights from Cairo –Luxor /Aswan – Cairo – Sharm Elsheikh
  • All transportation in private air-conditioned Van.
  • Expert English speaking tour guide.
  • Lunches at Local restaurants during your day tours.
  • All entrance fees.

All Taxes and services              

The program not includes the following services:

1- Any optional excursions not included, like sound and light show and dinner cruise, etc…
2- Entry visa, at airport upon arrival,

3- Beverages and drinks.

4 – The tips for guide and driver, and Nile cruise


Christian Tour & Nile Cruise

Day 01:18/4/2015Cairo, Luxor

Arrival to Egypt

Day 02:19/4/2015 East Bank and West Bank 

After Breakfast you will begin your Tour with you guide will take you to visit the

East Bank Karnak & Luxor temple the largest temples on earth one of them converted into church

I have lunch then visit the west Bank the valley of Kings and Memmnon statues .and queen Hatshepsut temple overnight on board

Day 3:20/4/2015 Edfu temple and crocodile temple  

When your cruise sailing you will stop on the bank of Edfu city,

Then by horse carriage you will be transferred to Edfu temple after that back to your cruise continue sailing To Crocodile temple lunch and dinner on board

Day 04:21/4/2015Aswan High dam, Isis temple, Abu Simble temple
after breakfast will check out your guide will take you to visit High dam

And Isis Temple then you will join the convoy to Abusimble temple visit the lovely

2 temples after your visit you will have your lunch at local restaurant

Then back To Aswan, overnight at hotel in Aswan.

Day 05:22/4/2015 St Catherine, the holy valley, burnet ambush, prophet Moases Mountain

After breakfast you will transfer to Aswan airport to fly to Cairo then take another flight to fly To sharm to begin your holy trip will by the air conditioned van from sharm to St Catherine Check in hotel at the holy area (the holy valley) over night at Catherine At mid night you will be escorted to climb the mountain

Day6:23/4/2015 Back to Cairo

You reach the peak by the sun rise this is the most beautiful sun rise on the whole world. After your visit to Holy Mountain you will descend again visiting the Monastery of Ambush And the churches then back to the hotel to have the breakfast then check out and back to Cairo. After you arrive to Cairo, and then check in hotel Overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day7:24/4/2015 Cairo, Pyramids, Egyptian museum, Old Cairo 

After Breakfast your guide will take you to visit the famous Giza Pyramids which have been considered one of the great wonders of the world. Enjoy the panorama.
Of the pyramids, where you will enjoy horse riding and visit the Great Sphinx

After lunch transfer to visit the Egyptian museum containing over 120000pieces

Of Pharonic history, each piece is considered a master piece with its own story

Including the magnificent Tutankhamen collection, then proceed to Old Cairo with

The oldest Coptic churches with Greek Orthodox Church of st George Bin Ezra

Synagogue, then transfer to your Hotel in Cairo

Day8:25/4/2015 Cairo: Final Departure

After breakfast you will check out from hotel, the begin your tour to visit the Virgin marry tree The virgin marry tree, at the time of Jesus birth, King Herod Heard of the birth of a baby king and Fearing for his throne, ordered all infant Boys in Bethlehem and it is vicinity to be put to death. Mary and joseph escaped With the child, seeking refuge in Egypt, there they were said to Have found Shelter beneath the shade of sycamore tree .thee trunk of the tree is also

To have opened its bark miraculously to protect them,   when brigands pursued them.  A miraculous spring of water gushed nearby for the child to drink and in its pool, a Healing balsam plant grows until this day.Great numbers of pilgrims Have been visiting this tree in the mtareiya.  Suburb of Cairo.

Since the 4th century, in the hope of a sighting of the Virgin Mary and to collect the tree’s Bark, said to have medical properties. The balsam plant is also used F For the preparation Of perfumes and chrisma, a holy oil that has been Consecrated since apostolic time’s visit. After that you will visit the Maadi Church in this church you will see the holy bible it was discovered on the Nile Opened on the verses out of Egypt. I called my son this church blessed by the Appearance of the virgin Mary Many times you can have you prayer at this Church. Then have your lunch at local restaurant you will go to visit Samaan Church in Mokatam, and then you will transfer to Cairo international airport for Final Departure.on Turkish air lines695 at 9:25Pm   We hope you enjoyed your time in Egypt and that will be.

Your first of many visits! See you again soon in beautiful Egypt.





*********************J Good – bye from Egypt J*******************


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Explore Egypt through the nile

Explore Egypt through the nile

Explore the Secrets of Egypt Nile cruise.

by Ahmed abdalfattah Egypt travel expert


Egypt is best known as the cradle civilization, with its Pyramids and temples, hieroglyphs,  Mummies and visible above all its Nile.

Less well-known is Egypt’s medieval history, courtesy of Coptic Christianity and Islam – ancient churches, monasteries and mosques punctuate the Egyptian landscape.

To fully discover the ancient wonders of Egypt, a Nile cruise holiday is truly the best travel experience. The Nile River has been Egypt’s lifeline since prehistoric times and there is no better way to trace the passage of Egypt’s history than to follow the course of the Nile.


Enjoy Egypt Nile Cruise Holidays; explore the ancient world famous attractions with tour to Cairo and

The Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, in addition to an unforgettable experience through a Nile Cruise Holiday between Luxor and Aswan.

Easter vacation and holidays in Egypt offers you relaxation and rich cultural tours with some days tour to visit Cairo Egyptian museum & Giza pyramids and old Cairo

For millennia the iconic sights of Egypt have held visitors in their control, from the pyramids of Giza to the dazzling colors of the Pharaoh’s tombs. The country that gave birth to the world’s first great civilization has an unrivalled legacy that has been attracting tourists for thousands of years.


Come and join our Nile Cruise Holiday in Egypt all around the year to meet the pharaonic kings visiting Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and Kom Ombo. With Egypt Nile Cruise Holiday visit Karnak temples and Luxor temple in East bank of the Nile, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple & colossi of Memnon, Shopping tour in Luxor to grand bazaars and old market, Tour to Kom Ombo temple and Edfu temple, High Dam and Temple of Philae isis temples in Aswan, Felucca ride in Aswan with sunset attendance.

Enjoy your one time life tour to Egypt with the number one specialist of the Luxury Nile Cruise Holidays.


Look At Egypt tours is a new idea of tourism and travel in Egypt, and would like to offer best Egypt Nile Cruise Holidays with competitive rates and high quality services. We ensure that your holiday will be as comfortable and as enjoyable as ever. So hop on to experience a cruise that promises entertainment, luxury and excitement every step of the way!


Whatever the tour you choose, there are a few things you can look for which will be helping you to make your trip more pleasant. The Egypt Nile Cruise Holiday should be a journey of a lifetime and one to remember for the right reasons.


Top Activities for Family Holidays in Egypt

Top Activities for Family Holidays in Egypt

Are you looking for family holiday in Egypt ?

Egypt has many sites very intersting for families vacations

if you are looking for cultural trip in Egypt , no place in the world compare to Egypt

it has the oldest civilization in the world .

if you are looking for Nile cruise you can has unforgottable Nile cruise holidays in Egypt

board on luxury Nile cruise full board and enjoy the amazing temples on the banks of the Nile.

if you are looking for beach holidays in the red sea in sharmelshiekh or Hurghada

we can design you a unique Egypt tour to the beaches of Egypt

or if you are looking for a bit of everything we can design you any kind of trips

you can visit and choose your Egypt tours

you can check any link below to choose your Egypt holiday packages 

Egypt tours:

Egypt travel packages

Egypt holiday packages

Egypt tour packages

Egypt vacation packages

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